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grading system, so far as the school life itself is

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pigs, cats, etc.), with the view of ascertaining whether

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dieser Krankheit der Satz ¬Ľniemals Kollapstherapie, wenn man

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methods di\er.se in seeming; Init it is mentioned liere

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give out, and he died about five o'clock in the afternoon.

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to know where the " nervoas diarrheas" and " mechani-

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ley, der bekanntlich die erste Operation fiir Riickenmarkstumor

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7. M.\c.4^RTNEV, D. Two Cases of Perforated Ga.stric

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in consultation with Dr. T. M. liotch, Iiad siiown oim'

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Three large editions have Vieen reciuired in three and a half years because of the entirety different original, successful

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6. DiSEN, C. F. : Some Points on the Diagiiosis and

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rance of the svmptom, to remove it by placing the patient in a

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underfeeding of school children and child lalior in the home

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"^/lo 1922. Operation: In der distalen Hiilfte der Axille Resektion

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ronentheorie sich direkt gegen diese Annahme richtet. Es ist

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the.se cases accomplishes ga.stric digestion of ]iro-

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not so wide a field of choice in filling the clinical

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appendages are free from any organic distm-bances to

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congratulate another class of graduating physicians, and itself,

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gotten at all tolerant, I believe the Krause double

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just occurred. A reduction of potentiality, bringing about a

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direct application of the sound waves, but, in tiie

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epilepsy are connected with the menstrual function, and

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This condition became so aggravated that he took to

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