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When he employed, however, a temijeraturc of 55° the

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atropine, no emphysema takes place. He also reports a

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On the third day after the beginning of the symptoms

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proprietary medicines largely sujjported by phj'sicians.

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feature then gets its explanation from the fact of dissociation

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the results were, in nearly all, satisfactory ; in some very

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He found that tuberculosis among the Indians did not

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6. Chetwood, C. H. Proslatectomi/ in Tiro Stages: A

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auf dem Wege verastelter Fortsatze nach anderen Richtungen.

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The second class of cases is still under investigation.

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becile lad; and as a result of his investigation of

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paper thickness and pre.'^ented an irregular tear, 1} in.

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relapses or recurrent attacks brought greater danger

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minimvim entrance qualification will be two years' work

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of this bacillus in blood bouillon ha\e a marked hemolytic

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great advances had been made durin"; the la.st thirty-

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Anschauung durch die Beobachtungen von Bergmark und mir^

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or both jugular veins are often enlarged; this last is very

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chapters on hypotension, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, renal diseases, cardiac disease, pneu-

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140 and only iserceptible at the wrist; respirations

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2. Minor calls attention to a neglected point in physical

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spater: ficberfrei, Wohlbefinden. Die unteren Interkostalriiume links

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differ in different cases, and again, the same s|)ecific

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Beginne und wahrend des ganzen Krankheitsverlaufes war ange-

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when no kmger useful. He holds that we have all more

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