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Mai 1923. Guter Allgemeinzustand, keine Trommelschlagelfinger.

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du systeme nerveux. Ce qui attire surtout I'interet parmi les

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the whole posterior part of the tuber cinereum and the lamina per-

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as 39 C. in the evening, then afebrile. Roentgen-photos were taken

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ment of malted and non-inaltcd farinaceous foods, and

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spleen, and a compensatory hypertrophy of the thymus.

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Ten days before seeing him an unusually severe attack

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the 24th, when international sanitar\' protection came

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the Massachusetts Medical Society. Councillors' meeting. 457;

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feldes zeigt bienenwabenartige Zeichnung, im linken Lungenfeld keine

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TowNsENi), F., acting assistant surgeon. Granted leave of

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in di.-!coveries, has not more than live or six such

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pate with pleasure such a solution of the difficulty

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N. beschaftigt sich am liebstcn mit Arbeiten draussen im Freien,

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debut, de I'anurie, de I'oedeme et la reapparition d'une ancienne

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such an incision. (3) Tiiey could he readily, although

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curricula. To a certain extent, it nuist be looked upon

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ist, dass alle Gelenke seines rechten Arms die besten sind, die er

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The treatment of these cases was discussed from two

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ders, unmittelbar bevor er sich mit der Marksclieide umgibt. Aucli

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that in at least 90% of clinical cases the disease is primary

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Case I. Incipient prostatic enlargement illustrated

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ness of the diagnosis in this case, as the bab.y has

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