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strated by frequent trials. It was impossible under

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Experimental Investigation of Cancer in Heidelberg.

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on the active list, at least sufficient for the greater

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consisted in a scar tissue formation with atrophy of the

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geniigendes Zusammenfallen der derben Wande der Hohlraume

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tomy. (.4) In resections of the adnexa^ regard should

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and fibrillary reticulum. In these places there are a

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Dr. Klotz, in closing, said the point he particularly

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argues for the presence of tuberculosis, whereas with a

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kind than the male, neojilasms of the pelvic viscera,

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He thought that those who had not tried the incision

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Illustrated. New York : William Wood & Co. 1906.

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substances commonly supposed to pos.sess antecedent

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necessity of keeping viciously inclined children away

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The Diagnosis of Nervous Diseases. By Purves Stewart,

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the disease un<ler consideration is tuberculosis,

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importance of recognizing the fact that recurrent at-

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internal ,s|)hincter, and the third sphincter. R(^-

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guten, aber voriibergehenden Erfolg zeigte gegen die heftigen, meh-

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of old ulcers found, giving clinical proof that she had

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disclose any bruise or sign of fracture of the skull.

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Wochen Pn-th. (Abschluss?), vier Insufflationen. Eesultat: die

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guide as the opsonic index, is as little scientific as medicine

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IS com])etent, renal elimination is sufficient, provided

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surroundings anil constant abuse. (4") Tliis last class is

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capsule and other tissues surrounding the kidney, of

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jedoch mit herabgesetzter Starke; die Flexion ist schwach. Von Pro-

risks of taking zofran during pregnancy

contre, sont d'avis que le virus en question est invisible et qu'il

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heads. First, general considerations, taking up the

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bladder irrigation and the internal administration of

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an Epiglottis Lent to a right angle, and fissured hy Ulceration almost

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the f(!Ver a week ago, the patient has grown rapidly

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