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the streptococcus pyogenes. The strejitococcus equi
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der linke Arm sehr hinderlich, da er im allgemeinen mit der rech-
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strike the heart, might Avound the internal mammary artery, that we
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1. CuAWFOHn, H. Vidmilar Disease of the Heart. Aortic
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Purgatives recjuire very careful adjustment; both aloetic
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fistulsp might persist for an indefinite time. Then,
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^^2. Within the region, close to the pupils, the eye-grounds are
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frequent small feedings, claiming that they irritate the
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drugs that could affect the process I'd discovered.
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must be adhered to , as Frenkel has definitely pointed
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wound closed except for the small space necessary for
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Pyamie. Als die hauiigste Lokalisation wird indessen der Fe-
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number of cases which ought not to be operated upon,
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occasion to notice the change. Rich sauces and many
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sha|)cd, sinndating that condition supposed to be due
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(Vdgel, Reptilien) sind das erste, was die Wanderiing in ventraler
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Bild der Levdener Flascbe sicb zum Vergleicbe mebr aufdrangen.
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between melatonin and sleep, first by showing in 1993 that it
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there have been 21 deaths in the town, exclusive of the
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im Gegensatz zii folgendem zu stellen, ┬╗Die Chorea (Friih- oder
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and (2.) For the first class he advises a radical operation ;
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trotz des Mangels von Fiirbemethoden die Held'schen Endfiisse
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zeiehnen. An der medialen Seite des linken Unterschenkels kann
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latter about a month and then not getting any satis-
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pheres, corresponding to the shades indicated bj' the Roentgenogram,
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that of the right was | of an inch thick. The left au-
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From the DeparimeiU of Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital.
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pericardial a.spirations, and reported two cases in which
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The next regular session will open October 1, 1921.
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von diesen Fallen eine andere als Tumor gewesen sei (abgelaufene
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symptomatic limitation is of little consequence. But it is of

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