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these x-ray findings he concludes that the consolidation in
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and should not fail to cjualify himself to projierly
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21 and 23, 1906. Bv Herbert J. Paterson, M.A., M.B., B.C.
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ccm, meist diinnfliissig, selten geschichtet, ohne Tbc. und ohne elas-
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diseases of the anus and rectum, 237; Green. William & Sons,
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spasm with tenderness on pressure are sufficient indications
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ptioloK.v of tliis disease, those hirgo doses are not in-
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give to the patient a peculiar attitude or conduct.
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Der Allgemeinzustand der Frau wurde also wahrend der 10 Mo-
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Zade: Beitrage Z. kUn. Chir., Bd. xlvi, S. 388, 1905.
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during certain .seasons of the year, and that it was due
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partieller Pn.-th. Einige lusufflationen. Kein Erfolg. Bald Exitu<.
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keine richtige war. Ich will mich auch bei dieser Frage nicht
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and he looks on this as a desideratnm, reverting more to
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strong, and then the arterial wave it produces i-aii
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Nervus glossopharyngeus. Zu diesem Schlundgeflecht treten
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litic Affections Comply uith Scientific Requirements?
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for its object, firct, a low operative mortality: second,
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end of three weeks he passed a large piece of necrotic
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If not, we call upon it to remedy the bad efiects resulting from an in-
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below the cranium, resulted in the negative. An attempt in
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That portion of the placenta lying near the internal
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its services but does not, however, feel called upon
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gekommen, dass v/iv unter solchen Umstanden stets die Moglich-

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