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histological studies to throw light on the aetiology

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other germ carriers are not exterminated as well as

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University of Wisconsin, was reelected president of the

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bleeding is profuse during or after the operation, it

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of greater relish on the part of the subjects, there

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through the ])crinaeum, freely exposing the posterior

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other epidemic diseases, 3; pulmonarv tuberculosis, 39:

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have infection. We see quite a number of cases of fractures of the

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animal proteins being very close in many instances.

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notice. In the first place we are not Indians ; the

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mous coating of discolored tongues by means of fine

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man remarks ihat a positive reaction is obtained in a

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cases the effect is better than that of morphine. A

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chancre by another physician, two years ago. Little treat-

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by stereoscopic skiagraphs that the bullet lay in or almost

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will hold examinations on December 15th are the follow-

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culosis afresh. He did believe, however, in the ac-

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must necessarily do when the anaesthetic is injected.

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3. Oii the Meaning of the Audil)le Signs in Mitral Sten-

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idly remove the intoxications which are the cause of

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beyond the caloric needs in the individual case. One

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