What You Need To Know Before You Want To Change Your Front Door?

The simplest approach to add a fun design moment to your home’s outside is with a well-designed door. After all, many people’s initial impression of your home will be through your front entrance. Fortunately, there are many different styles to pick from. Determine which replacement doors in Toronto will complement the architectural style of your property while also being the best fit for you.

There are a variety of door styles to choose from.


There’s a reason why these traditional-style Oak Doors are so popular. While their designs differ, they all have a few key characteristics. Raised panels can range from two to twelve in number on traditional doors. These panels will often make up the lower half of the door, with a glass insert or two (though not always) in a variety of shapes adorning the upper half. Many windows include scrollwork made of wrought iron or caming that looks like wrought iron, making the traditional style a perfect feature if you want your entrance to stand out. Wood, steel, or fiberglass are commonly used in this form. As a replacement door in Toronto, this style would suit most homes.


Home architecture in Toronto is a blend of old and new, with sleek futuristic-looking residences becoming increasingly popular. Sleek, linear lines and monochromatic color palettes characterize these homes, and their front doors reflect this. If you have a modern home, contemporary style replacement doors are ideal. They are noted for their basic and clean design. They frequently have frosted or translucent rectangular-shaped glass. Their hardware, which is basic in style but frequently huge in scale, follows the same clean, straightforward lines. If you want to go for a modern look, you can’t go wrong with contemporary doors.


Mediterranean style replacement doors in Toronto are also known as rustic style replacement doors. In terms of appearance and feel, they are intended to evoke an old-world vibe. The little glass window in the upper portion of the door, known as a speakeasy, is a common characteristic of this design. This window can even be opened in rare instances. Rustic doors are also known for their hefty, enormous hardware, especially when straps and clavos are included. Rustic doors are distinguished from other types by scored lines, raised panels, and clear glass. A rustic design replacement door ideal for you if your home has a more homey, rustic feel.


Craftsman-style doors have become increasingly fashionable in recent years. Long, raised panels on the lower third of the entrance are characteristic, as is a rectangular glass window on the upper third. A unique thick or ornate ledge of moulding or trim just below the window is their signature aesthetic. Craftsman-style doors are appropriate for a variety of residences, from cottages to suburban townhomes. You don’t have to live in a Craftsman-style house to appreciate the beauty of a Craftsman replacement door in Toronto.


Although arched doors can be found in a variety of front door types, we believe its distinctive curving appearance merits their own classification. An arched entry door is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a replacement door in Toronto that will add a unique, eye-catching architectural feature to your property. They can be an excellent way to make a lasting first impression of your home, which is especially important if you are currently attempting to sell it. These lovely doors will almost certainly need to be custom-made to meet your home’s exact specs. Arched doors are available in three different styles: top rail genuine arch doors, flat arch doors, and top rail flat arch doors.

How to Choose the Best Door Style

If you’re still undecided about which replacement door style to choose, here are a few pointers to help you narrow down your selections.

Take a look around your area.

Take a stroll through your neighborhood to observe what kind of doors your neighbors have. Is there a style that you notice more frequently than others? If you reside in a city where all of the houses have modern doors, you can feel out of place if you choose a rustic one. Examining what your neighbors have will help you decide which replacement door in Toronto is right for you.

Take into account your home’s design.

You should also evaluate your home’s exterior if it differs from the rest of the neighborhood. If all of your neighbors have older homes with traditional style doors, but yours is the only architecturally modern one, it might not make sense. Perhaps your home has farmhouse-style characteristics that would be best suited to a rustic-style entrance. While it may be useful to consider which door styles are popular in your neighborhood, it is always ideal to choose one that is appropriate for your home.

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