Domain Typer Review

Many have tried, and many have failed in attempting to create a domain name generator that actually works. Then came along Domain Typer and it did just that, and more.

Finding a domain name that isn’t already taken can be challenging, and that is why I’ve been on the lookout for a free website where I can easily check whether my chosen domain name has already been taken. You know, instead of manually looking it up and all my other alternatives. It can take me hours to come up with all kinds of alternatives. Well, not anymore. DomainTyper does it for me!

In order to help you really understand why this website is great, let me go through the functions one by one.

  1. It shows you whether your chosen domain name is free

    Simply type in the domain name you have thought of and it will tell you in an instant whether that name is taken, for all the extensions. Not just for .com, but for .org. .online, and many others. Almost anything you can think of.

  2. It gives you alternatives

    This is my favorite function. This domain name generator actually generates a possible domain name for you, and often I’m able to find one that I like and is available. Even if I can’t find anything on the list, I can be sure to be inspired by it. But they have loads of recommendations, so it is likely you find something suitable.

  3. You can make an offer More often than not I find that people are dead set on their chosen domain name. They would pay a lot for it, but it could take a lot of effort to hunt down the current owner. DomainTyper takes care of this as well. When the domain name is taken, it gives you the option to make an offer. You might be in luck and the current owner doesn’t even use the name! With a click of a button, you can start a negotiation.

  4. It compares prices

    When the domain name is free, it gives you three purchasing options, on trustworthy sites, such as GoDaddy or, and displays the current price of the domain name. Instead of looking up the name separately on all these sites, you can see the price comparison right there. Again, one click and you are at the third-party site, where you can purchase the domain name.

  5. You can check if the name is used on Social Networks

    Another genius functionality. A lot of people are creating websites and buying domain names because they are starting a business with that name. In today’s day and age, a business is not much without a social media presence, so it might be worth checking whether someone is already using that name on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or on any other of the social networks. You might find someone that you are not ready to compete against, and then you have to find a new name.

That is the 5 reasons why I think DomainTyper is the best domain name generator out there, and I’m positive that if you give it a try, you are going to put this one on your favorite bar too.


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