Find Out Which Is The Best Mechanical Keyboard

The process of creating a bespoke mechanical keyboard is gratifying, but deciding which one to create can be challenging.

You may choose the ideal DIY keyboard for you by having us guide you through all of the fantastic possibilities that are currently offered.

Our Top Picks for Custom Keyboards

To provide you a wide range of possibilities, let’s look at our best custom keyboard in each size. The majority of the things we’re focusing on are those that are already in stock and don’t require group buying.

Remember that there are a ton more alternatives available; these are just an excellent place to take a look at for more mods. Group purchases and new bespoke keyboard designs are frequently produced.

We’re also looking at hot-swappable constructions that may be constructed by beginners without the use of soldering tools.

40% Custom Keyboard for Planck

The Planck is the smallest-sized custom keyboard that we recommend. With a 40% thickness and a distinctive ortholinear layout, this keyboard makes an intriguing build.

Since no soldering expertise is necessary, the assembly should be rather simple thanks to the hot-swappable PCB and the lack of stabilizers.

Finding keycaps that will suit the unusual layout is the most difficult aspect of assembling the Planck. Because of this, we advise starting with keycap sets designed for this layout.

The keys of an ortholinear keyboard are stacked like columns and rows rather than being spaced apart like those on a standard keyboard. Many claim that this type of layout will enhance the ergonomics and typing speed, although there is no solid evidence to support that claim.

The only way to know if the ortholinear layout is right for you is to give it a try.

The keyboard is available with a full anodized aluminum frame, giving it a substantial and impressive structure.

60% Custom Keyboard for GK61X

60% is by far the most popular if you’re searching for a custom keyboard that is more typically sized. Because of this, it ought to be rather simple to find this keyboard in stock at significant merchants.

The GK61X by Epomaker is the suggested construction. Since it can be hot-swapped, all you need to get started are the kit, switches, and keycaps.

Making a split spacebar is a great unique feature that allows you to further modify this keyboard. Additionally, this keyboard offers complete RGB per-key illumination, making it a wonderful choice if you like to illuminate your keyboards.

This keyboard is a great choice as a starting point for exploring the world of bespoke mechanical keyboards.

The sole drawback of this keyboard is its relatively flimsy construction and less personalized feel. We suggest looking at the most recent DIY builds on KBDfans or mechgroupbuys if you’re searching for something a little more exciting.

You should absolutely look at the GK61X on Amazon here if you’re interested.

Remove ALT and 65% of the Custom Keyboard

We have always recommended the Drop ALT keyboard because of its excellent construction and full aluminum frame.

You can purchase the barebones kit on the Drop website, which comes with a number of case styles and colors so you may further customize this construction.

Because of this, we heartily suggest this keyboard. In addition, the keyboard has numerous USB-C power connectors, RGB illumination, a hot-swappable PCB, and many more features.

This keyboard may be a bit pricey if money is tight, but the high-quality construction more than justifies the cost.

If you install the stabilizers properly, building this keyboard should be rather simple because to the hot-swappable PCB. You can always refer to our tutorial for building a custom keyboard.

The Drop Alt Barebones are available on the Drop website in a wide range of hues and patterns.

The 75% Custom Keyboard, or KBD75

I have a lot of experience using the KBD75 keyboard; in fact, my wife and I both made our own versions of it.

This keyboard is incredibly customisable and has a great build, coming in a range of colors and plate materials.

If you’re interested, you can check out our recommended soldering equipment since you’ll need it to make this keyboard. Due to the necessity to solder the switches on, this feature alone makes the build more difficult.

A full aluminum frame, RGB underglow, and QMK software give the keyboard complete control. Not to add that the 75% is not only small but also really cozy to use.

However, if you’re prepared to put in the time and work, this build is worthwhile.

The KBD75 is available at

Drop CTRL Barebones: Custom Keyboard with Ten Keys

We have the Drop CTRL, which is the Drop ALT’s older sister.

The Drop CTRL barebones, which is a more typical tenkeyless size, has many of the same features as the ALT, including a solid aluminum frame, several power connectors, full RGB lighting, and more.

The Drop CTRL barebones will make assembly simple if you’re seeking for a hot-swappable build that doesn’t require soldering.

Depending on the style you choose, you may find the CTRL in a variety of casings and color schemes. Whatever you intend to use the keyboard for, the TKL size makes it quite comfortable.

Not to mention that this keyboard should fit virtually any keycap set thanks to the layout’s standard size.

A 96% Custom Keyboard, TOFU96

The Tofu96 layout is the last and most intriguing one.

The number pad, which is equivalent to a full-sized keyboard, is present in the 96% layout, although it is crammed into a smaller space. For individuals that enter a lot of data yet want to try something a little different, this layout is perfect.

However, soldering will be necessary for this build, so get ready to break out the tools.

The keyboard has a brass plate and an aluminum chassis, giving it a very strong construction.

Keep in mind when choosing this pattern that you will have to pay extra for switches due to the nature of a larger sized layout.

The TOFU96 can be found on kbdfans.


Due to the abundance of available alternatives, finding a custom mechanical keyboard to buy might be challenging.

This tutorial should have provided you with a solid foundation so you can really start to determine which board best suits your interests.

The possibilities for creating a one-of-a-kind bespoke keyboard are virtually endless thanks to group purchases, products that are already in stock, and all of the adjustable features known to man.

We advise starting with something somewhat simple for your first construction (like hot-swappable), as you’re bound to make a few mistakes.

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